Tuesday, March 02, 2004

A six-pack of Moose Drool and my own company

Go State! Beat the Badgers! Tonight's the last regular season game for the Spartoons. The Badgers are having some confidence issues lately, so perhaps our boys in green can pull out another dead-sexy game.

At any rate, my game-watching plans for tonight have changed. I had been invited to go watch it at a friend's house, but she had a death in the family and had spent this whole last weekend doing family stuff related to that. So, instead of making vegetarian nachoes for her and her husband, I may just end up making them for myself! All washed down with some nice cool swigs of Moose Drool. Perhaps it's all for the best. Carrie and Mike are both Badger fans, and I would've hated to reward their hospitality by doing a victory dance in my MSU sweatshirt around their family room...


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