Friday, October 27, 2006

A fair Wisconsin votes NO

On November 7, one of the issues coming before Wisconsin voters is a constitutional ban on same-sex unions. Given that this is a matter close to my heart that directly affects people I love (even though those people don't live in Wisconsin), I am encouraging anyone who may happen to stumble upon my blog who is a Wisconsin voter to PLEASE VOTE NO.

I don't hope to change anyone's mind all on my own, but, in the jaded and troubled world we live in, how does it make any sense to block loving, committed same-sex couples from enjoying the same rights and benefits as heterosexual couples?

In truth, this amendment doesn't just affect same-sex couples, but could affect unmarried heterosexual couples, too. As the La Crosse Tribune said in a recent editorial:

"If a couple is in a committed relationship, why does it make sense to interfere with hospital visitation, custody of children, health insurance or retirement or other benefits? The second sentence in the amendment could affect heterosexual as well as gay couples.The issue really is not about gay marriage. That is already banned by Wisconsin statutes. The real danger in this amendment is what would happen to any unmarried couples because of the second sentence, banning civil unions and adversely affecting relationships 'similar' to marriage."

A Fair Wisconsin Votes No


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