Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tragically tamed tigers, and Darlin' goes to roost

It's a sunny, windy fall Saturday, and I'm here in the house watching The Haunting on TCM and drinking a very delicious Sirius Cream Ale from Lagunitas. I've partially watched this movie probably more than five times -- have never seemed to be able to get through it, due to not being in the right mood or falling asleep or other distractions. It is largely considered to be the finest ghost story in existence, so I feel like I should do it justice by watching it in its entirety, for once and for all!

So, I'm a little disappointed this morning that the Tigers lost the World Series last night. I watched the game through about the sixth inning, then switched away due to problems with tht channel's display on my digital cable (you know, the service I pay about $80 a month for). So, I missed the bitter end. I suppose I can't feel too badly about it -- I haven't followed the Tigers for a long time, but it was nice to have my childhood ball club go to the World Series again. I can remember the last time they did that. Sheesh, I was eight years old...had a crush on Lance Parrish. I've always had something for catchers. Can't figure it out.

Just as daylight savings time ends tonight, heralding the fleeing of the light, this morning marked another signal of the change of the seasons: John came to pick Darlin' up and take her off for her winter sleep. I felt a lot better about handing her over to him this year, because I knew that I'd had her out more and that she'd been operating fine as of two weekends ago. I feel like I did Darlin' a bit more justice this summer than I'd done in previous years. I'm proud of myself for that.

Now, as the afternoon wanes, I have to decide wheether I'm going to go to this Halloween party tonight. It's a fun party, and one I've been to for probably two of the last three years, but it's hosted by people who I'd really only consider acquaintances. Though there will be some people there I've met and occasionally hung out with, there will not be anyone there I really consider a friend. Sara, Jason and Kenzie were going to go, but Sara just called to tell me Kenzie's been throwing up today, so they're not going to attend. Luckily, I haven't spent more than about $4 on costume accoutrements, so I certainly don't feel any pressure to show myself in costume this year. I'm guessing I'll just have to wait until the time gets a little closer and see how I feel. One thing that's a definite draw: Doren (the hostess) puts an incredible amount of effort in the food for this party -- it is a Halloween feast unlike any other. Worth it to go just for the eats!


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