Friday, January 27, 2006

Yes, Mom, you're right. I've been neglectful

I was on the phone with Mom today (I believe, talking about the virtues of downloadable Yahoo Messenger vs. NON-downloadable Yahoo Messenger), and she suggested something I should do with my day off work: update my blog. UPDATE MY BLOG. Oh ye, whose blog has been since conspicuously not updated! Get busy and update!!!

Yes. I have been a total blog slacker. I admit it. I'm resigned to it. I can't REMEMBER the last time I updated my blog, which probably means it was AT LEAST sometime in late 2005. So, practically a year ago, if all you look at is the year on the date of updating. It's 2006 now. I'm a total slacker. And, as you probably can't tell, because I'm a rather meticulous blogger when it comes to misspelling, I'm also rather drunk. If you could see all the misspellings and mistypings I'm doing, I'd sound more illiterate than a stereotypical Appalachian underachiever. And that's not to callously slam Appalachian people, because I'm sure at least some of them are striving to be "all that they can be," but, let's face it, how many illiterate Appalachians are REALLY reading my blog? So, slam me if you will -- my point is that, if you could see this as I'm natively typing it, you'd parallel me with illiterate Appalachian people. Hear the "Deliverance" banjos yet? They're coming from my fingers.

But I'm blogging, Mom! Look! Blogging! Updating! Watching "What Not to Wear" on TLC, to boot! Happy Friday, people. I'm back on the blog. And, to all my peeps in Appalachia, I love you. There are many days where I wish I was as technologically isolated as you. I mean, really, has high-speed internet REALLY improved our lives?

Okay, I'm ending this now, before I dig myself in further with the Appalachians.


Blogger Mary said...

Nice job, Lina, nice job. And I take sh*t from you and a certain brother for talking about who buys watermelons at the market in F***dale.

Poor Appalachians!

9:51 AM  

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