Friday, November 04, 2005

Fall, not quite faded

The leaves are starting to fly off the trees here in Wisconsin, so it occurred to me that I might want Topazto grab a few pictures of them before they all fly away. Last night, before taking Dakota to the dog park for a 2.25 mile sunset walk, I took a few shots. It's always amazing to me how the camera really doesn't capture the stunning beauty of nature's displays. Well, at least MY camera doesn't capture can only hope I'm promoted in the spring so I can start saving for a digital SLR. I practically drool when I see the pictures out of those. Or maybe I should just rehabilitate my old Pentax and go old-school. That took WONDERFUL pictures.

On a different topic, I'm just stunned and dismayed by how ridiculously fast the light fades in the afternoon now, after the time change. Dakota and I arrived at the dog park at 4:50 or so last night, and the light was already fading. By 5:45, when we left, it was practically pitch-black. I felt sorry for a woman who was there with her two Basset hounds, Ernie and Floyd. Floyd was being a good boy and sticking by Mommy, but Ernie had let his wandering spirit (and stubby little legs) get the best of him and he was stubbornly staying "lost" in the park while his owner bleated for him to come back from the park entrance. She had a small flashlight with her, but I'm sure the prospect of trying to hunt down a short, stubborn Basset hound (named ERNIE, no less) in the dark was a daunting one. Thankfully, Ernie returned to her, running and huffing, and looking quite disdainful that she'd allowed him to stay unsupervised for so long...


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Blogger Mary said...

I think your blog is outstanding, as well! And not because I'm some blankety-blank spammer!

Love the *little* photo of leaves in this posting. So-o-o fallish, autumnal and all those other November-y adjectives!

Keep up the good bloggin', Lina. Your postings are like unexpected gifts to this old heart.

7:03 AM  

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