Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Um, hi...

Well, hello blog. Wow. I've been away a while.

Well, I haven't really been away, I've just been occupied doing other, non-bloggy stuff. Bought a house (another post entirely), participated in a huge, and hugely successful, work project that seemed to hover over everything I did this past winter, went through some tough stuff in my personal life, generally kept the home fires burning and my social life in reasonably good shape, but the blog was, sadly, quite abandoned.

Thankfully, blogs, being inanimate and non-sentient (as far as we know) things, are quick to forgive. And I think I'm back. At least I'm hoping to be, because I have some fun stuff to talk about. For a while here, it'll probably be a mess of rambling postings, following no particular chronology. Sort of an upchucking of updates, but I'm confident things will settle into a rhythm soon.

So, now that we've established that I'm back to the blog, let's get started. Let the postings begin.


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