Thursday, March 04, 2004

A return to farming's roots

I found an article on MSNBC this morning about a farmer named Joel Huesby and his family, and how he's "bucked nearly a century of technology, choosing to raise animals as farmers did before agriculture adopted its current industrial mien."

His cattle graze freely until they're 32 months old, double the age of the average American slaughter cow. His meat is farm-raised, slaughtered locally and sold locally or regionally. His methods are those of the farmer prior to refrigeration and the interstate highway system, which changed distribution capabilities and methods.

His challenge is that he has to work much more closely with end customers, marketing the product to them directly. But I'm not surprised he has a loyal customer base. And, even though the article mentions that his family's income for 2002 was below the state's poverty level, I still have to think he's doing something right...


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