Thursday, February 10, 2005

Crazylegs Training: Days 8-11

Okay, so I think my body has realized that I'm doing something to it. And I don't think it likes it very much. It seemed to like it last week, but maybe that was just the honeymoon period. And now we're in the "terrible twos" period. Heaven only knows if week three will bring some relief.

Training this week has been hard. Not so hard as to make me quit, but hard enough to make me think about quitting.

On Monday, I ran two miles at 5.5 mph. Well, I ran at 5.5 mph for MOST of the way. I had to drop it down to about 5.3 for the last few minutes. My calves were just burning. Not only that, but the earbuds for my iPOD kept getting all goopy with sweat, and wanted to fall out of my ears. Now THAT's distracting!

On Tuesday, I rested.

On Wednesday, I ran two more miles at 5.5 mph. I finished them, but it was still hard. I wasn't having very much fun, and I certainly wasn't able to talk at a goddamn "conversational level," like they say you should be able to if you're training at the appropriate level of exertion. I might've been able to participate in a conversation, but only in short, gaspy bursts of a maximum of 10 choppy syllables each.

Today, I ran for about 1.5 miles, at 5.2-5.3 mph. I didn't have to run today, but I kind of wanted to anyways. I'm wondering if speed is the key. Today felt easier. Maybe I'm just not ready for 5.5 mph quite yet? It could be I'm pushing a little too hard. After running, I walked for a few minutes, then kicked the incline up to 3% and ran for a minute, walked for a minute, ran for a minute, walked for a minute. Gotta work on those hills. As my friend from work says, "HILLS!" :)


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