Thursday, May 26, 2005

Childhood memory

I remember Grammie's sandwiches, served up to me when I was staying over at her house, sick with a cold or maybe just out of school for the day. They were always on white bread, with generous schmears of mayo, tomato, lettuce and one or two different kinds of cold cuts (turkey, ham) that she always had in the fridge.

Eaten from a TV tray while watching the game show 'Scrabble,' or 'BumperStumpers' on Grammie and Papa's TV that sat under the angel artwork near the old stereo cabinet, those sandwiches tasted like the most gourmet food ever.

She'd putter around in the kitchen while I ate them. I remember cold glasses of soda, too. Dr. Pepper, or maybe 7-Up?


Blogger Mary said...

Fun to read your memories of Grammie's sandwiches.

I love the word "schmear."

7:15 AM  

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