Sunday, May 08, 2005

Total Flickr withdrawal

So, it would appear that Flickr, my newest addiction, has been down for at least the last two days. Evidently, they had a planned outage on Friday night, but it would seem they didn't exactly recover well from that.

And can I say, I'm having some serious withdrawal symptoms. This is not good. It's completely silly to be so semi-obsessed with a photo-sharing site, but Flickr is damn fun. And I have some new pictures to post!

Come on, Flickr people...get your shit together so I can get my Flickr Fix!


Blogger Mary said...

Whew! It appears that flickr is BACK UP. I was worried about you getting the shakes!

I also wanted to compliment you on your blog's new background color. Soft peach, eh? Very easy on the eyes. It also kind of lulls the reader into perceiving you to be a "softer" kind of FIRE Dragon! :-)

8:10 AM  

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