Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dog game

Overheard at my window, with three pairs of little-girl hands pressed against the screen, Dakota pressing herself as close as possible to these hands from the OTHER side of the window:

Katie: "Caroline!"

Me: "What?"

Chloe: "Oh, we dropped the pizza." [They'd been teasing Dakota with a piece of their dinner pizza.]

Me: "Oh no, that's too bad!"

Chloe: "We're playing a dog game. I'm Dakota."

Katie: "And I'm Kota."

August: "I didn't know you had glasses..."

Me: "Yep, I usually wear contacts, but tonight I'm wearing my glasses."

August: "We're going to play the dog game!"

[All three girls run away, screaming in glee. Dakota presses herself closer against the screen and whimpers after them.]

Little girls are hilarious. :)


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