Thursday, July 21, 2005

iPOD is loving Jack Johnson today

I brought my iPOD into work today, since I'm without my usual pair programming partner (he's parted this place for Pittsburgh...ppppppbltt). For some reason, though I have all 807 songs on shuffle, the iPOD was just loving Jack Johnson. I heard at least seven Jack Johnson songs in less than three hours. That's statistically significant.

Then, my little white oblong music friend decided to switch away from the Hawaiian chill god and do an ode to Yosh's musical sensibilities, and played both "Black Betty" and "Canned Heat." I made him aware of this via email, and he concluded that my iPOD loves him. Soon he'll be asking for joint custody, which will be summarily DENIED.

I'm just thankful it only shuffled to one of my many Christmas songs. It must know that, in July, that's just silly.


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