Thursday, August 04, 2005

Bellying up to the internet

I was cruising around on some of my favorite blogs, and I found the link to on Maggie Mason's Mighty Goods shopping blog. She made reference to a super-charming "I (Heart) D3str0y" t-shirt that I had to admit was super-charming. Anyway, this t-shirt came from Threadless, so I went and started looking around.

And these shirts are cool, people. They're cool AND clever. In fact, I think they're a little too cool for me, but there are at least a few of them I could see folded up in my drawer. And I've pegged a few of them as Christmas gifts for people, so yay Threadless!

You must check them out. The site is nicely done, the t-shirts are awesome, and it's a way-cool mini-community of graphic artists and weirdos and normal people like me who think they're normal, but are probably really kind of weirdos.


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