Saturday, September 16, 2006

Dragons probably would drink Autumnal Fire

So, I was chatting with Mom on the phone after getting home and opening a beer, which DIRECTLY led to Michigan State scoring their first touchdown and tying Pittsburgh. I have tremendous power. It's a burden. She laughed at my omnipotence and asked what I was drinking.

"Autumnal Fire," I replied. I'd gotten a sixer of that and Lake Louie's Coon Rock Cream Ale because, you know, it's the weekend and I get thirsty.

"Sounds like something dragons would drink," she said.

I suppose I'd have to agree. Although I'm not sure how dragons would hold a brandy snifter, which is evidently the preferred receptacle for this particular brew. If a dragon manages to hold a brandy snifter in his yellowed claw, I almost HAVE to put him in a smoking jacket, too. At which point, he teeters precariously on the edge of ridiculousness.

(Oh, and Mom? You'll notice that I'm writing about dragons in smoking jackets IN MY BLOG. Thanks for the prompt...)


Blogger Mary said...

Hurray .... she's WRITING again!!!

9:19 AM  

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