Thursday, March 04, 2004

Two herons

This past Sunday afternoon, Dakota and I were out for a walk. I was feeling like I'd "gotten away with something" because a friend who was coming over for a massage overslept from her afternoon nap and missed her appointment. Though I don't dislike giving massages, I felt like I'd gotten a treat in having this warm Leap Day afternoon free to walk my dog.

So, we were walking, and all of a sudden, I heard throaty calls from the air and I looked up and there were two Great Blue Herons flying northeast, singing their oboe songs to each other. They were gorgeous, lanky and sleek in the sky. I watched them for a moment, then looked down at Dakota and saw that she was watching them, too. I had to smile, because her gaze wasn't one of "wolf seeing prey." It was almost one of some sort of doggie wonder.

I said to her, "Those herons are pretty, huh?" And she looked at me and sneezed. I thought that was very profound.


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