Monday, January 17, 2005

What I'm cooking...

Tandoori-style baked chicken breasts, using some of the Neera's Tandoori Indian Grilling Paste I got from Zingerman's over New Year's. Surprisingly, the Zingerman's website doesn't have any information on this paste, but Amazon does. Go figure.

To go along with my chicken, I'm making a batch of quinoa, cooked in water that's been fortified with a few tablespoons of white miso paste. I have no idea how it'll taste. It's an experiment! Before it's done cooking, I'll probably mix in some frozen mixed vegetables, just for some additional color and nutrition (not that the quinoa's not nutritious enough!). I continue to be enchanted with this superfood. Is there nothing quinoa cannot do? Perhaps we should invent a new superhero: "Quinoa Man." I would imagine he goes around fortifying people with all nine essential amino acids and telling stories of the ancient Aztecs. Sort of a superhero you might find at the Co-Op or something...a hippie-hero.

To round out my meal, I also have some broccoli languishing in my fridge that I should really steam. Probably won't do anything fancy with that...maybe just a little bit of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" spray for some of that "like buttah" flavor. What better way to start the workweek than with a cruciferous powerhouse like broccoli?

OH, and of course for dessert, I am thinking of stirring a little bit of that Apricot with Lavender Leaf conserve into some vanilla yogurt. I pulled the jar of those conserves out of the cupboard, and they immediately began singing to me their sweet, heavy song of herbal-fruit yumminess. How have I lasted this long without opening that jar?

A rather diverse menu, to be sure, but hey, a girl may as well eat well! Bon appetit!


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