Thursday, February 10, 2005

My Mother, the goddess-queen of cholesterol bashing!

So, Mom calls me at work today. She hasn't done that in a while, I think because every time she used to do it, I complained about how busy I was. Sorry, Mom. I wish I wasn't so busy. I miss talking to people like Mom and Mr. Sushi.

Anyway, she left me a voice mail saying she had some 'good news' for me. My first thought was, "cholesterol test!" I couldn't remember exactly the day she told me she was having her test and when she was getting the results back, but I guessed that was what she was calling me about.

So, I said "Fuck it" to all the work piled in front of me, and I called my Mamacita. And boy, oh boy...did she have some good news! Numbers dropping all over the place! Congrats, Mamacita! I am SO proud of you and your efforts so far! You truly are the goddess-queen of cholesterol bashing!


Blogger Mary said...

Thanks for not only a shout-out, but a post!

6:10 AM  

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