Friday, March 05, 2004

Peasant bread, olive oil and wine

My friend Sara and I are going to another wine tasting tonight--this time it's one called "Peasant Bread, Olive Oil and Wine." These are hosted by a wine shop in town called Barriques. They have three locations, one just for wine and spirits, one for wine and spirits plus coffee, and the third for all those potables plus gourmet foods.

We've gone to a couple of these tastings already--one for Port and Blue Cheese (which was heavenly...and quite literally intoxicating) and one on Valentine's Day with Josh for wine and chocolate prior to seeing Los Lonely Boys in concert at Luther's Blues. We were three of the only singletons there, but oh well. The wine and chocolate still tasted damn good...

Anyway, I like doing these tastings because it feels quite decadent and sensual (in a sensory way, not titillating...though a good Primativo can get my legs quivering), and I always end up learning something. Wine as education. Works for me! Viva la vino!


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