Monday, January 17, 2005

It's about goddamn time, you cocksuckers.

Sorry for the crude language, but it's actually quite appropriate. You see, Ian McShane just won the Golden Globe award last night for best Dramatic Actor in a television series for his portrayal of everyone's favorite goddamn-can-of-peaches cocksucker, Al Swearengen, on one of my absolute favorite shows, Deadwood.

When this show came on, everyone went on and on about the vile language. Sure, it's rough, but Deadwood in the 1800s was no cupcake of a place. Besides, there truly is something cathartic about saying the word "cocksucker" and "motherfucker" with abandon.

Al Swearengen. Now THERE's a character. There's no close-up picture of the real Al in existence so, thankfully, my mind gets Ian McShane's portrayal as the gleefully vile serpent that winds its way through my head. There's something about a great villain that's truly enjoyable...from a safe distance.

As Ian McShane himself said last night: "God bless Al, I love him. He's the best gig I've ever had."


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