Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Crazylegs Training: Days 12-16

Day 12 (last Friday): Didn't get a workout in today, due to having to go over to Sara's at lunch and let the puupoes out. Probably not a bad thing -- rest days are good.

Day 13 (Saturday): Took my long run of 2.5 miles today. It actually felt pretty good. I'm so pleasantly surprised at the small increases my body is making in endurance and strength. They're small, but they're perceptible. That makes SUCH a huge difference in my motivation!

Day 14 (Sunday): Rainy day, so no workout today. I'd intended on taking Maia and Dakota for a walk, just to get my circulation going, but no luck. Instead, Sara and I downed two bottles of wine during the course of our Middle Eastern dinner. Now THAT's my idea of training!

Day 15 (Monday): I was expecting my 2.5-mile run today to feel hideous. Mostly because of the aforementioned two bottles of wine. I'd been drinking water like crazy that whole morning in the hopes that rehydrating myself would help. And you know what? I think it did. The miles went by actually pretty well. What a pleasant surprise!

Day 16 (today): No workout today. Today's a designated rest day. Tomorrow I'll be back to the running. I'm actually looking forward to it!


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