Sunday, September 17, 2006

Random things I love

  • Eating a pound of edamame as a meal, sprinkled liberally with Pico Limon
  • Pulling tufts of hair out of Dakota Sue, twisting them and leaving them in piles on the carpet
  • Walking, walking, walking
  • Thunderstorm forecasts
  • Getting drunk on a Sunday for no damn reason
  • Thrift stores
  • The smell of Aveda Sap Moss shampoo and conditioner (they say "arboreal," I say "earthy," we all say "rustically delicious")
  • Thoughts of Spearfish. I miss it. So much is waiting for me there.
  • Looking at the gorgeous necklace I just bought from the Himalayan jewelry vendor at the Square. The jewelry may ultimately be overpriced crap, but it's pretty and it's unique, and I get the impression the couple selling it is having a hard time, so maybe my purchases will help them out. Next week, the chunky red bracelet the guy said he'd sell me for $8 will become mine.
  • Burning some of the new incense I just bought -- Amber Fire and Tibetan Musk.
  • Thinking about reheating a big slab of the leftover Spinach Lasagna I made for Sara and me on Friday, for dinner tonight. That plus a glass of wine sounds divine.
  • The little wuffing noises Dakota Sue makes as she's laying on the floor, dreaming. Her paws and her lips twitch and I think she must be chasing squirrels and rabbits that smell like peanut butter.
  • The new GAP commercial for the "skinny black pant" with Audrey Hepburn dancing to AC/DC's "Back in Black." May not be an appropriate use of Audrey Hepburn's considerable cinematic legacy, but it's so friggin' clever and memorable. And, let's face it, she's darling.
  • Speaking of dead iconic celebrities, Cary Grant. That's it. Just Cary Grant. Caaaa-reeeee-Graaaaant. There will never be another like him, though I'm rooting for George Clooney as a reasonable heir to that particular throne of cool.

Well, now that that's off my chest, I'm off to the porch for a cigar and thoughts sheltered from the coming thunderstorm clouds.


Blogger Mary said...

Wow ... a plethora of postings! Way to go, Lina!

9:21 AM  

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