Monday, September 18, 2006

So that's what the kids are calling it these days.

So, while watching a rerun of The Daily Show where Jon Stewart's guest was Gary Hart, I was amused by the following exchange. Stewart was asking Hart about the current administration's assertion that the fight against terrorism was akin to fighting for civilization.

"So," Stewart puzzled, "are we in a fight for our very lives?"

Hart looked down at the desk, his shock of gray hair floating ever-so-slightly in the breeze and said quietly, "Well, if you were 60 days from a midterm election, it would certainly be worth it to make people think so."

"You sir, are a cynic," replied Stewart, sitting straight up in his chair, "And I won't have it!"

"I am actually the last great American idealist," Hart rebuffed. "When I'm gone, there won't be any more like me."

Stewart leaned back, pointing at the air with his pen,"You know what? I'm going to have you laminated."

"Someone already did that in '87. You're a little late." Deadpan Gary Hart. Seriously. Cracked me up.


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