Monday, March 08, 2004

Wolf in the flock

There's a real gem of a guy in Ruth and Paul's neck of the woods:

"You must give God what He asks," counseled William Thomas Warren, 52. "Pay God, and do it before you pay your monthly bills," advised the self-proclaimed "financial pastor" in Troutville, Va. "If you are willing to do this, the usual result is: your income will gradually increase. Your expenses will miraculously decline." Pretty much the opposite, say prosecutors. Warren is under federal indictment for allegedly operating a classic "Ponzi" fraud scheme which allegedly bilked the faithful out of around $3 million. When officers went to Warren's home to arrest him, they found him hiding in a crawlspace. They also found a pad of paper outlining what Warren thought he should do next: "Move Right Now" because of "Indictment papers plus arrest avoid." (Roanoke Times)


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