Saturday, March 12, 2005

March Madness approacheth...

So, one of my favorite times of year is finally here. The beginning of March Madness is less than a week away. Mom has fired up the March Madness Wendish Spartans group on Yahoo, commentators are throwing around terms like "bubble," "Big Dance" and "Cinderella."

The Big Ten tournament is this weekend and, alas, my Spartans were one and done yesterday with a loss against Iowa. After hearing the recap from Mom, I feel badly for them, but it sounds like they played well -- it was just one of those things. Not their day. I feel somewhat better by knowing that that same Iowa team ALMOST bested Wisconsin today, and the Badgers only pulled that game out thanks to a lucky, desperate, buzzer-beating three-pointer by Alando Tucker. Not that I wanted Bucky to lose, but I feel like MSU and Wisconsin are pretty evenly matched teams, and the fact that the Hawkeyes made Bucky sweat a little makes me feel like the Spartans just had the basketball cards slightly stacked against them yesterday. Oh well, on to the Big Dance, and the lure of glittering brackets, six games simulcast at once and Dickie Vitale all over the place, baybee...


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