Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Channel drowning

So, the cable company sent me a letter last week saying it was time for the yearly rate hike. In true marketing-smart fashion, though, they said they had an "extra value" offer just for me, because I've been such a good, loyal customer. Basically, they offered exactly one bazillion additional channels (including 16 HBOs, 12 Cinemaxes and about 32 Showtimes) for only $7 more a month. It's a new drug they call "digital cable."

I'll be damned if I could refuse THAT offer.

The caveat is that I'll have to remember to cancel it come January of next year, because that's when the clock strikes midnight and Cinderella turns back into a frog, or however that works...and the rate will skyrocket back to its normal, non-"extra value" rate to something like $80 per month, which is just obscene.

So, after the technician left last night, and I had this new behemoth box humming on top of my television, I started flipping around, checking out the new channels. It's so overwhelming. I'm not channel surfing anymore, I'm channel drowning...but at least I can watch this season of 'The Sopranos.'


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